Online Recruiting as a Marketing and Advertising Endeavor

February 21, 2011 · Michael Wist

It was only about 12 or 13 years ago that the big online job boards started to assert themselves as major threats to the employment ads in print newspapers across the country. Now, printed newspapers are dying off rapidly, largely as a result of the various advertising revenue streams migrating to the Internet, with employment ads being among the most important to defect. And while online job boards like, and were the catalyst for the collapse of the demand for printed employment ads, those same online behemoths are facing challenges of their own. Now social and professional… [Continue Reading]

Fitness Sales Jobs and Corporate Sales Careers in Arizona

November 26, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

An emerging leader in the personal health and wellness industry, Life Time Fitness, has immediate openings for qualified applicants interested in fitness sales jobs in Phoenix, Arizona and other locations throughout the state. The positions involve selling various Life Time Fitness corporate membership packages and wellness programs to businesses and corporations in and around Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale, Arizona. There are also open positions for fitness sales jobs in Summerlin, Nevada and South Jordan, Utah. Qualified applicants will find these and other Arizona fitness jobs and sales career opportunities on the Locate Jobs Network.

Corporate Sales Jobs with a Leading Fitness Company

November 24, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

Life Time Fitness is changing the way people think of gyms across the United States. By taking the traditional gym experience to the level of a high-end resort and spa, Life Time is offering an entirely new approach to personal fitness. Life Time Fitness serves individuals, families and companies of all sizes with premium fitness equipment and an array of personal training and fitness classes – all within state-of-the-art facilities that look more like the newest Las Vegas resort than any gym you’ve ever seen. Across the country, Life Time Fitness has openings in fitness sales jobs and corporate fitness… [Continue Reading]

Unemployment Remains High, 2011 May Finally Get Better

November 12, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

For those currently unemployed, the constant reports of high unemployment nationwide can either be seen as good news – you’re not alone – or bad news that things aren’t getting any better. From a recent Bloomberg Report: [Job] Openings decreased by 163,000 to 2.93 million, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The number of people hired rose from the prior month and separations declined.”Labor demand is simply not strong enough to support a complete job recovery,” Henry Mo, an economist at Credit Suisse in New York, said in an e-mail to clients. There is “intense competition among job seekers.”Openings… [Continue Reading]

It’s Friday – Are you Closer to Finding a Job?

November 12, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

Fridays can be tough. When gainfully employed, and generally happy with work, it is most often the happy end of the workweek and the beginning a few days without having to think about going to the office or job site. It’s time to stop thinking about work for a while and spend time with family, friends or simply your sofa and an HD television showing a football game. For those who are unemployed, however, Friday is just another angst-inducing day. A reminder that another week has passed without gainful employment being attained. And since weekends are generally a bad time… [Continue Reading]

CNA Positions as a Way to Launch a Health Care Career

November 3, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

For those considering entering the health care field, especially as a nurse, there is perhaps no greater career steppingstone that that of a certified nursing assistant, or CNA. This position is roughly akin to that which was once termed an “orderly” and the job typically entails the type of patient care that would be handled by a nurse except for the legal issues involved in patient care. Things like assisting with the use of walkers, canes and wheelchairs, attending to patients’ needs, changing dressings and other tasks that one would typically associate with patient care from the nursing profession. For… [Continue Reading]

Job Posting for Non-Profits

October 27, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

A note to non-profits – the Locate Jobs Network will be offering reduced pricing for selected non-profit organizations, so if your group is in need of cost-effective job posting options to recruit quality employees, have a look at all of the job boards in the network. More details will follow and we will have a more specific program in place in the coming weeks. For now, simply contact us to inquire about our rates for non-profits.

#Hirefriday on Twitter – Why it’s a Good Idea

October 26, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

Twitter is not necessarily my preferred means of communication, but since I’ve been professionally engaged in SEO, social media marketing/optimization and web marketing in general since the industries came into existence, I am quite familiar with the medium. The point is that I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, but when I do utilize this tool,  I tend to use it more as a means to learn about “new things” than to broadcast anything that I have to say (with one exception: the jobs posted to the Locate Jobs Network get tweeted far and wide!). As I was… [Continue Reading]

CRM Customer Master Data Quality Lead Job

October 26, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

CRM Jobs, a nationwide CRM job board, features its latest job post, a CRM Customer Master Data Quality position. Job posting location is Washington, DC and this employment opportunity was posted by AARP.  Further details follow. Employer: AARP Job Type: Full-time Experience: 10-15 Years Location: Washington, DC (20049) Description: • Contributes to the CRM technology strategy by establishing Customer Master & Data Quality solutions. • Oversees the design, development, testing & deployment of the Customer Master & Data Quality solutions. • Manages internal employees, product vendors & implementation vendors to deploy the Customer Master & Data Quality solutions. • Manages… [Continue Reading]

CRM Data Custodian Senior Manager Job – Washington DC

October 25, 2010 · Matthew Blevins

CRM Jobs is featuring several new job posts, including the latest, a CRM Data Custodian job. Job posting location is Washington, DC and this employment opportunity was posted by AARP.  Further details follow. Employer: AARP Job Type: Full-time Experience: 7-10 Years Location: Washington, DC (20049) Description: Senior Manager, CRM Data Custodian, Integrated Technology Delivery • Contributes to the CRM technology strategy by assisting in the establishment of Data Stewardship processes & the creation/execution of Data Governance • Understands the business architecture/functions by collaborating with the CRM Architect. Owns/manages the data lifecycle supporting such business functions. • Ensures the gradual transition… [Continue Reading]

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