The Evolution of Niche Job Boards

The Locate Jobs Network is a vast network of niche job boards created to provide employers, recruiters and recruitment advertising agencies with a powerful tool for organic inbound recruiting. Our network is comprised of thousands of highly targeted job boards, each focused on a specific job title, industry or geographic region. Within our overall network are layers of smaller networks, consisting of groups of niche boards that are relevant to specific types of job posts.

Our extensive experience in inbound recruiting began by providing search engine optimization and lead-generation services for recruiters and staffing agencies. Eventually, we began building job boards that leveraged our knowledge of organic SEO to explore niche hiring and recruiting channels within the broader employment landscape. Our early experiments with small groups of niche job boards ultimately evolved to become the Locate Jobs Network.

Today, the Locate Jobs Network offers a new and more intelligent approach to organic, inbound recruiting. By aggregating the collective power of thousands of niche job boards, we are able to deliver highly targeted, active candidates directly to the employers and recruiters who are in need of their skills. We look to the future as we continue to develop the Locate Jobs Network, enhancing its features and increasing ROI for the employers and recruiters who post jobs with us.

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