A Powerful Tool for Recruitment Ad Agencies

The Locate Jobs Network is redefining the concept of niche recruiting. With thousands of highly-targeted niche job boards and corresponding favorable positions within the organic search results of major search engines, we help recruitment advertisers place their clients' jobs where only active, qualified candidates are likely to find them. Our job boards are targeted to specific job titles, industries and geographic locations - and sometimes combinations of all three. As a result, the candidates we produce are highly targeted, much more so than candidates you'll get from larger job boards.

Our Focus is On Qualified Applicants

Our narrowly focused approach creates a natural filtering process that eliminates unwanted applicants and ensures a higher quality candidate who is more likely to proactively engage in the hiring process.

We Offer Agency Discounts for Recruitment Advertisers

Our standard rate for job posts is $99 for 60 days, one of the best values available among legitimate job boards. We are happy to offer discounts for bulk job posts and long-term recruiting engagements with recruitment advertising agencies. We also offer additional agency discounts for bulk job posting. If you are interested in learning more about our bulk job posting and custom recruiting options, please contact us.

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Organic, niche recruitment advertising solutions

Contact us at 1-888-219-1776 or via our online form to discuss your clients' job posting needs.

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