How Our Job Board Network Works

As indicated in the graphic below, those posting jobs to any site within the Locate Jobs Network will have their job listing cross-posted to all relevant sites in the network. Relevance matching is based on our own internal algorithm for matching job postings to our job boards. Thereafter, job seekers most often locate our job boards and our clients' job postings via the organic search results of the major search engines, and are free to share the results of their searches with others via e-mail and various popular social networking and bookmarking websites. By facilitating this natural process, from the initial job search through eventual candidate contact with the hiring agent, the Locate Jobs Network provides a platform for recruiters and employers to organically position their job posts where only active, targeted candidates are likely to find them.

Better Targeting, Better Applicants

The many and varied job boards that comprise the Locate Jobs Network are individually designed to attract candidates conducting very specific job searches. We've found that such candidates creatively search for opportunities that less sophisticated employment candidates ignore or fail to capitalize on. This, coupled with the highly-specific nature of the job boards in the network, creates a process of self-elimination that leads to a higher quality of job candidate. We have then aggregated these individual, highly-niche job boards to form the Locate Jobs Network and to bring a greater volume of more targeted and qualified employment applicants to the employers, recruiters and recruitment advertising agencies utilizing our service.

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Niche job boards attract more qualified candidates

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